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Benefits of Psychological Therapy


Understanding and love are at the center of psychological therapy. The ultimate goal of therapy varies with particular circumstances, encompassing methods of overcoming obstacles.


Life is an amazing and rewarding experience that also stimulates powerful stressors that are challenging. Therapy provides strategies for addressing these unique situations.


Virtual therapy via telphone or video chat provides the benefits of psychotherapy, but with the added convenience, cost-effectiveness, privacy, and focus of home-based care.


Scheduling a session to meet at our office has the same benefits, plus the ability to file insurance, connect on a more personal level, and receive a hug, if that is your thing.

It all starts with a conversation.

If you would like to become a new patient, please complete THIS FORM.


Call me @ (214) 997-4697

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Mindful Meditation

Meditation I often talk about reducing stimulation to our autonomic nervous system. When our nervous system isn't overloaded, it's able to dodge zingers. There are so many ways to do this (fitness, drinking water, talking to someone you love)…

I was interviewed!

    I was asked for an interview with Voyage Houston. I was completely honored and for some reason, I really let it rip. I guess I haven't mastered the art of being guarded in an interview. 😉  

Houston Mental Health Resources

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Dr. Blythe Twosisters shared Preggers Can Be Choosers's event.
Dr. Blythe Twosisters

We will chat about homeschooling and how people have been making educational decisions.

AfterBirth ~ A 4th and More Trimester Postpartum Support GroupMar 21, 11:00amYour HouseTopic:
To Homeschool or not, what to do with your older free roaming kid while you have a newborn. HAAAALLLPPPPP
Postpartum can be rough and be isolating AF. Get in here and jump on and let's chat and connect and figure out how to be real and there.

Starting where we are!

Set your ical/google cal/whatever to give you a reminder ten minutes before the event cause Zoom meetings don’t send you a reminder.

New link click click click! zoom.us/j/410466279

Headphones help you hear better and filter out noise!

Our Rules of Engagement:
Purpose: to decrease isolation, share feelings and in general whats UP.

* Be kind
* Support, over solutions (limiting crosstalk)
* Succinct (no bogarting)
* If a moderator interrupts you don’t take it personally
* One person talks at a time, speaking stick style
* Disclaimer: peer support not paid psychotherapy
* Not prescribing or diagnosing
* Reminder, because this is a public forum be mindful if you are breastfeeding, have culturally/religious needs ex covered hair, in a lawsuit or dangerous sitch.

* This will be recorded and the audio turned into a podcast for your middle of the night support, or whenever you need us, really.
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AfterBirth ~ A 4th and More Trimester Postpartum Support Group
Dr. Blythe Twosisters shared Shades Of Blue Project's video.
Dr. Blythe Twosisters

Shades Of Blue Project
This Is The 1st of Our Video Series "If I Have Lost My Child Please Don't Tell Me" There many women who are struggling with the loss of a child and the insensitive and down right rude things said after Must Stop!! These things are also contributors to a women's Maternal Mental Health Issues. This Has Got To Stop.... #shadesofblueproject #maternalmentalhealth #stillborn #stillmatter #miscarriage #stillbirth Preserve The Present Photography
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Dr. Blythe Twosisters shared LoveStory's episode.
Dr. Blythe Twosisters

A love story indeed. <3

"We can each sing our own song." Bethy, Gustuf, Raz, and Lola are a loving family that thinks differently.
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This is my very dear friend!💗 I looove Bethy! She is absolutely the best, sweetest, most genuine person!

@bethy is in one of my FB groups!! She's a peach!

A follow up from my friend Tiffany. 🤣 ... See MoreSee Less

A follow up from my friend Tiffany. 🤣
Dr. Blythe Twosisters shared Freaks's video.
Dr. Blythe Twosisters


Happyness time
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How I'm going to move through my day 😂😂😂

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