Virtual House Call Therapist
Licensed Psychologist
Trained Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder Specialist
Mental Health At Every Size Advocate
Trans Affirming Care for Transitioning Families

Trained Birth Story Listener with Pam England of Birthing From Within

Maternal Child Health Specialist – The JJ Way®

Hi there!

I’m great at working with many communities but mostly I’ve been recognized as the funky house call therapist. I have credentials to back up my work, but most people tell me they like having a therapist that meets them where they are and in a non-judging place.

Therapy is hard work, and having a therapist not judge an alternative lifestyle, should you have one, truly helps.

I understand the struggles of personal development. I too have worked through my psychological messes and can appreciate the commitment from my patients. Therapy helps a bunch, but it is not always pretty. Wanna read more? Check out this vulnerable interview.

What are my credentials you ask?
I’m a trained Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder Specialist. I attended a specialized training in order to help pregnant people understand and manage emotional concerns while pregnant, after pregnancy and while trying to get pregnant. I help process loss and infertility. As I age, I have started studying menopause and how that hormonal process can be involved in emotional changes and feel similar to trauma.

I completed training in transgender/queer/ non-binary identities which has helped me support families of transitioning individuals and create open communication with an increased understanding of the process. I’m fairly fluent in poly lifestyles and understand this may be a part of your family.

I wrote my dissertation on alternative therapies for anxiety and depression and have helped many better understand their psychological challenges using alternative or complementary modalities. I’m also good at talking about when it’s time to consider a medication evaluation. At times, you may just need awesome mentoring when you may feel a little lost, lacking direction.

I’m an advocate for Mental Health At Every Size (MHAES), aligning with the Health At Every Size movement. I’m passionate about providing therapy access for EveryBody.

Why virtual therapy? I feel strongly about bringing therapy to those in need. In my opinion, It is not okay to deny therapy because you live remotely, can’t find childcare, can’t leave the house, fear a stigma/label or are just too busy to get away for a few hours. Making me your house call therapist.

I can’t wait to work with you.